Danisa Royal Concert – Let Your Unspoken Gratitude Be Expressed

Nov 18th 2018

On the special occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, Danisa proudly organizes the “Danisa Royal Concert – Let your unspoken gratitude be expressed” with the thoughtful intention to help consumers spread out thousands of sincere gratitude to their respected teachers. The concert is to celebrate the entire campaign “Gift Danisa – Let your unspoken gratitude be expressed”, which aims to honor this noble professional, whilst offering consumers a variety of meaningful ways to express their gratitude to teachers.

Danisa proudly organizes “Danisa Royal Concert – Let your unspoken gratitude be expressed” event to honor respected teachers with the sincerest gratitude on the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. The celebration this year thereby takes a step further, for the first time ever to bring out impressive Danisa Royal Concert, as a priceless gift of gratitude dedicated for teachers to celebrate their noble professional.

Teacher appreciation has been a deep-rooted tradition for many Vietnamese generations. However, expressing gratitude to teachers in words is still the hesitation for many Vietnamese users. Understanding this insight, Danisa launches the campaign “Gift Danisa – Let your unspoken gratitude be expressed” thru a variety of special activities to enable consumers to express their unspoken gratitude to their teachers, whilst spreading out the beautiful act of gratitude.
The highlight of the campaign is the “Danisa Royal Concert – Let your unspoken gratitude be expressed”, with an aim to fulfill the honoring culture by such a signature Royal concert that leaves a long-lasting memory in the minds of all audiences. Furthermore, for the first time ever that an event teams up three most famous singers of the three generations of Vietnamese music - Hong Nhung, My Tam and Huong Tram to let their beautiful voices immersed in meaningful lyrics, bringing to the concert the most impressive and heart melting performances. These artists also share their own gratitude for their teachers, uplift the grateful atmosphere of the concert together with other thousand stories. Danisa believes that every melody played in the concert stands for a wholehearted gratitude sent to the teachers, smoothly blending in the lavish royal ambience.

The event takes place in Star Galaxy Theater, 87 Lang Ha street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, with the participation of Mr. Bo Monsted - Commercial Counselor of Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam, Mr. Sunardi Tjhin – Country Manager of Danisa Vietnam, together with many famous singers such as Hong Nhung, My Tam, Huong Tram, and especially the venerable presence of many teachers. The concert is hosted in an inspiring artistic atmosphere, not only by the delicacy of music, but also by grateful stories that have never been shared before. Especially, teachers who participate in this event will be cordially given special Danisa Royal Gift wrapped with respect and thoughtfulness, symbolizing the sincerest gratitude to celebrate their day on the November 20th.

Starting journey is at the point of purchase, Danisa introduces the exclusive Royal gift sets attached with premium greeting cards, enabling consumers to write down their own sincere as unspoken way to express gratitude to teacher. Besides, if consumers are willing to share their grateful gratitude message on their facebook as nice reminder to their friends and community about act of gratitude, they can get a ticket of Danisa Royal Concert as an extra gift to their teachers. Furthermore, Danisa has initiated a meaningful on line contest “Danisa – Share your story of gratitude” on Danisa Facebook page” to enable and trigger consumers across Vietnam to share their memorable gratitude stories to their teacher in indirect ways. All the best and beloved gratitude stories will be consolidated and unveiled in the concert. Thru this campaign, Danisa believes that the habit of expressing the gratitude to teachers will be spread widely and naturally.