Activities for a Class Reunion

May 11th 2020

A class reunion is the best way to catch up with old friends, relive old memories, and enjoy a night of fun experiences. Make this gathering one to remember with these fun activities for the class reunion that will liven up the atmosphere and create new lasting memories!

Name Tag Hunt

To play this ice breaker game, prepare current photos of each classmate on the name tags. Gather around and let each attendee pick up one random tag at the entrance (make sure to place the name tag photos faced down). After that, they have to find the person that the tag belongs to. This game is a good way to break the ice and see how the years have changed everyone from the beginning of class reunion.

Memory Teaser

Ask everyone to sit in a circle and then get up in turns. The first person to get up will narrate an interesting anecdote from their school or college memories. Each alumni will share their own memories and stories from those years. At the end of it, surely the entire class will be rolling on the floor with laughter, reminiscing the good old days.

Spot the Photo

5 - 10 years is long enough to transform young and bright eyed teenagers into capable and responsible adults, this game proves that time changes everyone. Get a collection of class photographs from the yearbook and turn them into a collage, then let people try to recognize the faces in the photos. It’s funny to see if the class clown has turned serious and how everyone has changed.

A Potluck Dinner

At a class reunion, consider the theme, budget, location, and food preferences. Some ideas can be planned around specific travel destinations (Japan, American South, Italy) or eating styles (barbecue, fondue). To make things easier, a potluck dinner might be a good option. Let everyone know what type of food they are responsible for (these will include appetizers, main dishes, salads, desserts and beverages). If guests ask what to bring, give them a choice of two categories so they can choose something that fits their time and budget. It's also helpful to provide an estimate of how many guests will be attending so they can make the right portions.

No class reunion food spread is complete without trays of snacks. For snacks, it's better to choose a simple meal that can be made in advance, is easy to assemble, and doesn’t need to be heated. One traditional Danish butter cookies that is perfect for this event is Danisa Butter Cookies. The irresistibly buttery and delicious taste comes from high-quality butter and other fine ingredients that are baked to crisp and rich perfection. Small but flavorful, Danisa Butter Cookies are absolutely delicious snacks for a class reunion.

Class reunions will bring back old memories full of laughter and love. With the fun class reunion activities above, everyone looks back at their younger years with fondness. Such moments are special, so let the reunion help everyone get closer like never before!