Chinese New Year: Rituals and Customs We Can All Celebrate

Jan 4th 2021

Every year, people all around the world will gather and celebrate the regular New Year's Eve on December 31st. There will be a TV broadcast of the countdown to New Year's Day, January 1st, and people will light up fireworks to mark the occasion.

However, this is not the case for those of Chinese descent as the Chinese New Year falls on different days each year. For example, in 2021, Chinese folks will celebrate the special day on February 12th as opposed to January 1st like the common one.

Though always be held on a different day, the festivity of Chinese New Year is always remarkable and joyful. As a matter of fact, certain traditional rituals and customs are still being preserved to this day because of their power in sparking up the moment.

Here are some of the rituals and customs everyone can follow to have the perfect Chinese New Year celebration!

Handing Out Red Envelopes

After working very hard in the previous year, it is good to share some of the wealth with the closest ones or those in need. To do this, put a certain amount of cash in red envelopes and begin to give them to people around you. But before, keep in mind to be fair and just when distributing the envelopes.

Eating Desserts and Delicacies Together

No celebrations are complete without traditional treats. Some examples of food to enjoy together during the Chinese New Year are dumplings, steamed cake, sesame seed balls, and peanut brittles.

Although it is common to involve traditional desserts during the celebrations, you can also prepare premium delicacy which is loved by all family members. One of the examples is Danisa Butter Cookies with their irresistibly buttery and delicious taste. Made from an authentic Danish recipe, Danisa Butter Cookies only use high-quality butter and fine ingredients. Furthermore, every piece is baked to crisp and rich perfection, making it a timeless delicacy that is perfect for gift-giving for the one you love, care and respect and to accompany everyone during the Chinese New Year celebration.

Contact Extended Family or Friends Who Live Far Away

Spread the love during the occasion by calling everyone, especially those family and friends who live miles away. Chances are they have been waiting for those calls or postcards and get in touch with you. After all, the celebration should be about family and friends spending time together, despite being separated by distance.

Have a Fireworks Show

As everyone waits for the New Year, prepare fireworks to light up at midnight. There are different types that are available and suit the occasion, such as the traditional firecrackers, the conventional peony fireworks, or the unique fountain fireworks. But, if there are no fireworks like those around, simple sparklers will do just fine.

Though the Chinese New Year is exceptionally significant for many of us, sometimes all that is needed is the moment shared together with one another. Furthermore, do not worry about not having a big festivity because simple traditions can go a long way in perfecting the celebration.