Date Night Ideas to Try in Copenhagen

Jun 30th 2021

Copenhagen may not be the first city that comes to mind when people think about the ‘world’s most romantic cities‘, but it has so many hidden places that are ideal for a perfect date. Copenhagen offers so many different things to explore and discover. Here are some of locals’ favorite spots for a date night!

Take a Long Bike Ride Around Town

Copenhagen has a strong bicycle culture. For date night ideas in Copenhagen, try to explore the city and discover many places and hidden corners that otherwise could have been missed. Take a break after finding an interesting part of town and revel in the scenery. Copenhagen is mostly flat, so it’s easy and fun. Before that, make sure to check out the weather forecast. If it’s windy, postpone bike riding for another day unless red-sweaty faces and wind-swept hair aren’t deal breakers.

Take a Picnic by the Sea

Prefer date night ideas with a sea view to the city’s lakes and parks? Just take the metro and reach the Øresund Strait in approximately 20 minutes. Amager Strandpark is part of a two-kilometers-long (around 1.2-mile-long) artificial island that was created in 2005. Aside from a long beach, there’s also a grassy area, cycle paths, and an area for training activities. Locals there windsurf, kayak, skate, and even snorkel. Those who don’t feel like showing their physical skills, just grab some ice cream, sit back, and enjoy the city lights by the sea!

Visit Tivoli Garden

The second oldest amusement park in the world founded in 1843 by the multi-talented and well-traveled Georg Carstensen, Tivoli Park is the second-oldest amusement park in the world. This amusement park and pleasure garden nestled in the heart of Copenhagen. Psst… Even Walt Disney visited Tivoli many times and found inspiration for his own Disney World here! The scenery is stunning with striking architecture, historic buildings and opulent gardens. At night, thousands of colored lights create a fairy tale atmosphere that is very beautiful. For date night ideas, we can enjoy the beautiful flowers and gardens, restaurants and cafés, and maybe take a ride on one of the park’s roller coasters. Young or old, families or couples – there is something in Tivoli for everyone. It is much more than the average amusement park.

Experience Hygge with The Loved Ones

The concept of American Dreams revolves around independence and self-reliance. Therefore, Americans tend to work hard to achieve those dreams. What if this is not the only way to live life? According to the Scandinavian concept of Hygge, it is important for humans to enjoy the surroundings and experience, not focus on materials too much.

Hygge comes from the Danes, and it is about achieving the feeling of cozy, comfort, and contentment from the inside. This resulted in the Danes being some of the happiest people in the world. Hygge is so much more and always involves creating a nice, warm atmosphere (candles are always a part of the setting!) and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you.

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