[:en]Enjoy 5 Types of Danish Butter Cookies Only in Danisa Butter Cookies[:]

Jul 6th 2017

[:en]As a snack, cookies have been known by the world community for a long time and became the most popular snack in the world to serve as a complement for tea, coffee or milk. As the time goes, different types of cookies have been created by different variants and shapes. One of the famous cookies is butter cookies. Who is not familiar with crunchy snack butter cookies? It seems everyone would love this one snack. Usually butter cookies is became “your good friends” in relax time or as a dish at certain events like a feast.

Based on its history, Danish butter cookies are often used as a dish for European nobility and are often enjoyed by Christian people during feast like Christmas celebrations in some European and North American countries. As one of the world-renowned brand of Butter Cookies, Danisa began making butter cakes inspired from traditional Danish food enjoyed by European nobility. Created from authentic Danish recipes, passed down through generations of bakers in Denmark, Danisa has been regarded as the symbol of abundance, festivity and prestige till now.

Because of its delights, no wonder if Danisa has been enjoyed in 60 countries around the world, spread in Europe, ASEAN, Middle East, and China. Why is Danisa so loved? Besides of its production process that continues to maintain the consistency and authenticity of the Danish original butter cookies recipe, Danisa is also produced from the finest quality ingredients and created with high quality techniques that are closely monitored or controlled by Danish Specialty Foods, Copenhagen Denmark ApS which is a food specialty organization—registered in Copenhagen Denmark. Not only that, Danisa's variant flavors also simply the main attractions for butter cookies lovers.

Danisa has several variants of butter flavor and butter cookies. For butter cookies itself, it consists of three variants of Traditional Butter Cookies, Choco Cashew Cookies, and Currant Butter Cookies. Filled Cookies has two variants of Choco Filled Butter Cookies and Pineapple Filled Butter Cookies. Up to now, Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies has five types of butter cookies collection: Harvest Moon, Butter Pretzel, Sugar Slice, Vanilla Ring, and Currant Crunch which each have their own flavors.

Harvest moon is a round shaped butter cookies that has a crispy coconut flavor with an amazing savory sensation in your mouth right now. Butter Pretzel is a butter cookies that looks like a pretzel cake that is the symbol of Denmark. The taste of butter and sugar sprinkles like crystal as a decoration make this cake the most favorite.

Sugar Slice is a square shaped crunchy butter cookie with a sprinkling of sugar on top. Vanilla Ring is a unique butter cookie with vanilla flavor and butter texture that served like a shape of bouquet. The distinctive vanilla aroma mixed with original butter makes these cookies have their own delights. Last, the Currant Crunch has a round shape and a distinctive butter flavor. On top of that there is also a sprinkling of currants that add to the delights of this one of butter cookies

You can get Danisa in all of supermarkets and all of the food market of Danisa's marketing countries. Danisa butter cookies price in each country maybe different due to the different variation of sizes and variants. Even though Danisa Butter Cookies prices may differ, the quality remains consistently high throughout the world.[:]