Gifting Etiquette in Denmark

Mar 28th 2018

Danish people are very proud of their culture. Denmark is one of the most innovative countries and one of the most competitive economies in the world. With a reputation for being a country of freedom, Danish people regard themselves as hardworking, with high morale and simple lifestyles. Denmark has been crowned as the happiest country in the world. For those of you who want to visit Denmark and want to give gifts to Danish people, especially in special moments like Christmas there are some things you should pay attention to. Here are 4 ethics of gift giving in Denmark.

Gifts for the Host

If you can get an invitation to lunch or dinner, bring something like a bottle of wine, flower, or chocolate. Additionally, in giving gifts to Danish people, please always wrap whatever gift you give, even if the gift is a flower. It is just for information that if you buy flowers at a florist in Denmark, usually a florist will wrap a flower bucket for you. Red roses are flowers that can be accepted by the Danish, also do not make white roses as a gift because it relates to the sign of mourning.

Requesting Suggestions for Children’s Gifts

If your child is invited to a Danish child’s birthday party, we suggest you ask some other parent’s advice about what kind of gift they usually give. It is useful for you to set the expense budget to spend on gift purchases. Most Danish parents avoid giving expensive gifts at children’s birthday parties and generally, there is a maximum number limit. It does not mean Danish people are stingy. Danish people stick to the principle that giving something does not have to be expensive, the most important is good quality and design. Some brands that are usually used to buy gifts for Danish are Georg Jensen, Royal Copenhagen, and Bodum.

Expensive Rewards for Wedding Events

There are exceptions to gift giving in Denmark. For big events like wedding, luxury gifts can be accepted if you have a very close relationship with married couples or if their marriage registered allows for expensive gifts.

Opening a Gift

Danes’ habit is the host who gets a gift from their guests will open the gift in front of you as a giver. At major events like wedding gifts are opened for guests to see. So if you have bought a gift in a hurry, you do not have to really think about what it would be appropriate to give to the host or bride, and the gift is not something you are proud of, you might be a little embarrassed.

That is the 4 ethics you have to pay attention to in giving gifts to the Danes. The Danes greatly uphold the politeness and simplicity. Therefore, you should also pay attention to all forms of ethics in force in this country to be well received.

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