Things to Know About Gift-Giving as A Love Language

Jul 27th 2021

We all express love in different ways, from acts of service to quality time to words of affirmation. For some people, though, gift-giving or receiving gifts remains the most impactful expression of love they’ll experience in their lives. These individuals speak the love language known as “receiving gifts,” and becoming fluent in it is easy to understand the basics first.

The Grammar of Receiving Gifts

For those who have receiving and gift-giving as a love language, presents are physical symbols of love that express the affection someone has for them. When a person is having a relationship with someone else who primarily experiences love in this way, regularly surprising them with presents — didn’t have to be expensive, or even didn’t cost anything at all — is the key to unlock their heart. Each present that has been given to them is perceived as an expression of true love.

It’s More than Materialism

When people embrace minimalism, it’s easy for cynics to dismiss the receiving and gift-giving love language as a misperception by other people who think love is equal to money. In truth, however, receiving and gift-giving as a love language is as much about the intangible aspects of gift-giving as tangible ones. The monetary cost of the presents they receive is not the main focus for individuals who speak the love language of receiving and gift-giving.

Instead, the value lies in the whole gift-giving process, from inception to the giving process and beyond. People who communicate in the language of receiving and gift-giving not only cherish the treasures given to them, but they also derive delight from the thrill of unwrapping, the element of surprise, and the thought behind the token of affection.

Recognizing the Language of Receiving Gifts

Wondering whether our partner’s primary love language is receiving and gift-giving or not? If the following characteristics can be found throughout the relationship, it could be their heart’s preferred parlance.

  • Shopping — whether in stores or online — is more of a treat for them than a task
  • They always have the excitement of wrapping paper and gift bags for every occasion.
  • They have a tough time getting rid of gifts they’ve received before

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