Fun Activities to Celebrate International Friendship Day

Aug 6th 2020

Good friends are priceless, whether they are friends from childhood, former classmates, or colleagues that went from office break buddies to true friends. They may even be friends who live in other countries or virtual friends from an online platform. Friends are there to celebrate the good times and lend a helping hand during hard times.  There are many opportunities to show friends how much we care for them, especially on International Friendship Day. Check out these fun ways to celebrate international friendship day and show friends how much they’re appreciated!

Send Thoughtful Notes and Messages

The spirit of International Friendship Day is about honoring true friendship. Find a funny postcard or any pretty card,  and write them a note to let them know how your friendship means so much. For example, rather than saying, “You're such a great friend,” say something like, “I appreciate how much you help me out with the kids,” or “our Friday nights are the best part of my week.”. It doesn’t mean the words have to be complicated or tricky. The idea is to let them know about how much you care and are thankful for their presence.

Exchange Gifts

Giving gifts is another way to celebrate International Friendship Day. To make it even more fun, exchange gifts randomly, so no one will know who they’re getting their presents from. From the iconic package design to the deliciously flavorful treats inside, Danisa Butter Cookies are a timeless symbol to show appreciation and create special memories, especially with friends. It is the perfect gift that everyone can enjoy due to its superior taste and premium quality reflecting the thoughtfulness of the gift-giver and gratitude towards the gift receiver. On International Friendship Day, every thoughtful gifts will mean a lot, so don’t worry at all about the price of the gift. The essence is to have fun with each other on International Friendship Day.

Spend Quality Time with Each Other

The great part about being with friends is that it can act as a great form of therapy that doesn’t necessarily need to cost a thing! It doesn’t matter what the activity is, be it a movie night, cooking meals together at home, or even just a cozy sleepover, spending quality time together on International Friendship Day can never go wrong.

Read and Share Stories About Friends

The real thing when celebrating International Friendship day is when everyone has the chance to bond even more and strengthen the friendship. This can be done by everybody’s telling their version of each other according to their eyes. Tell those stories with so much honesty and wholesome feeling, because that’s what it is about: knowing that a group of friends know so much about each other, so the friendship’s not questionable.

International Friendship Day is truly something to look for, especially when the friendship has lasted for a long time. However it is celebrated, be it by only spending time with each other, sending thoughtful notes, exchanging gifts, or even sharing stories about each other, it should be kept in mind that togetherness is the most important thing for friendship to flourish. Always be together, whether celebrating the International Friendship Day or not.