How to Plan a Perfect Easter Brunch at Home

May 11th 2020

Easter is a perfect time to gather the family, enjoy delicious food, and take part in Easter activities. Brunch is about having fun with a mix of appetizing foods. When hosting an Easter brunch, there's a lot of opportunity to have fun with the decorations and food presentation. Plan the perfect Easter brunch with these easy tips and tricks!

Set the Table Early

Setting the table is one of those chores that can take up a surprising amount of time. Consider setting the table the night before the brunch, including flowers that will stay fresh-looking so long as they have plenty of water to drink. For buffet-style serving, arrange the serving dishes on the buffet table the night before to ensure there’s room for everything, and set out all the necessary serving utensils.

Set the Craft Area

Try setting up a low table (such as a coffee table) to have a craft area for kids. Line both the table and the floor beneath it with waterproof material to guard against spills. Kids have a lot of energy in the daytime, so it’s great to keep them engaged and occupied with creativity.

Make Ahead Meal

Time is rarely on the side of the holiday cook, which feels particularly true when it comes to Easter brunch. Choose recipes that can be prepared partially or fully in advance to avoid getting up at dawn, and can be easily put into the oven for the final bake, or for reheating.

Serve Sweet Treats and Refreshing Drinks

An Easter brunch wouldn’t be complete without including the sweeter side of the meal. An Easter cake is a must, but save the chocolate and colourful sweet treats for the Easter Egg hunt, so children can delight in coming back with a picnic-basket full of goodies. And for a stylish treat, opt for butter cookies, best served with a chilled glass of a sweet tea.

If there’s no time to make butter cookies from scratch, find a beautiful pack of premium butter cookies that are perfect to serve at Easter brunch. One of the most famous butter cookies packed with a premium flavour is Danisa Butter Cookies. The nice buttery aroma and a balanced sweetness is absolutely delicious and just right to please everyone, making it a perfect companion for every moment.

Easter brunch is an exciting event to have fun with the whole family. It might be a big undertaking, but with these tips above, everyone will have a lot of fun at the event and celebrate the holiday in style!