Awesome Things to Know About Christmas in Denmark

Dec 21st 2021

Whether it's for celebrating Christmas or not, here are some Danish Christmas traditions you need to know!

Nisse the Mischievous Gnome

Children are a big part of the celebration of Christmas in Denmark. Like in other countries, Danish children have mythical creatures that keep an eye on their actions. According to Danish folklore, Nisse lives in an old farmhouse and is a gnome wearing gray wool clothes, red hats and stockings, and white wooden shoes. On Christmas Eve in Denmark, many families leave rice pudding and porridge to be kind to Nisse.

Celebrate Christmas in Denmark at Tivoli Gardens

This Danish theme park becomes a beautiful sight with Christmas lights and decorated with over a hundred Christmas trees at Christmas. The entire location has turned into a winter wonderland, with lots of stalls selling glögg, or known as the Danish version of mulled wine and the aebleskivers, a Danish dessert that is traditionally eaten during Christmas time.

Walking Around the Christmas Tree

Christmas in Denmark is so adorable! After dinner on December 24th, a Danish family usually will join hands to sing Christmas carols and roam the Christmas tree. People say that this tradition is to give Santa Claus extra time to bring gifts. Trees are traditionally adorned with real candles to provide an authentic feel for the moment.

Julefrokost, a Danish Christmas lunch

This tradition of Christmas in Denmark includes many foods and drinks that are usually served on weekends. The party begins with fried flatfish fillets with smoked salmon, herring, shrimp, some kind of tartar sauce, and whole wheat bread. Not only that, every 30 minutes, someone shouts “SKÅL!” to make a toast, and everyone must stand up to drink.

Denmark and Its Famous Butter Cookies

Aside from these unique traditions of Christmas in Denmark, Denmark is also famous for its Brysslkex or butter cookies, like Danisa. Made with an authentic Danish recipe passed down through generations of Denmark’s master bakers, the irresistibly buttery and delicious taste comes from high-quality butter and other fine ingredients, baked to crisp and rich perfection, making it a perfect companion for every festive season with the family.