5 Traditional Housewarming Gifts and the Meaning Behind Them

Apr 27th 2021

Housewarming gifts are one of popular tradition since medieval times. Originally, certain gifts for the home were thought to possess special powers, usually providing a newcomer’s place of residence with luck, warmth, and many wonderful wishes. Nowadays, people around the world usually give housewarming gifts to wish the new homeowners well in their new home. Some of people believe that the tradition began in France, while others believe that Russia is the origin of the housewarming tradition. Though different cultures may have celebrated housewarmings in their own ways, however, one thing is still the same: housewarmings involve various rituals and blessings to help others settle into their new home. Check out the traditional housewarming gifts ideas below along with their associated meanings!

Scented Candles

Whether it is for the presents for the new couple, or items for recently relocated loved ones, scented candles are one of the traditional housewarming gifts to choose. To ensure light for the recipient through the darkest of times, choose unique scented candles and pair them with cute candle holders.

Cleaning Tools

Sweep away the bad luck and evil spirits by giving our friends and family members a cleaning tools as a gift for their new home. For example, choose a traditional broom and pair it with a few cleaning supplies for a perfect traditional housewarming gift, or add a little elbow grease to an ornamental broom for unique home decor!


Meant to represent luck and good fortune, coins are one of the traditional housewarming gifts. We can present coin gifts in style by mounting them in personalized photo frames or make a DIY money tree. We could even embed them in homemade decorative candles and double our loved one’s luck for their new home.

Products Made From Wood

Wood symbolizes stability, peace and harmony. Instead giving out a chunk of wood from the backyard tree, consider a customized cutting or serving board for their new home kitchen instead!

Box of Sweet Treats

Tasty delicacies can bring family members closer, particularly if everyone can enjoy them. One of the best traditional housewarming gifts is Danisa Butter Cookies. Made with an authentic Danish recipe, Danisa Butter Cookies only use the finest ingredients and baked to crisp and rich perfection. Not only that, all of the pieces go through a thoughtful baking process, resulting in small but flavorful cookies with an irresistibly buttery and delicious taste that everyone can enjoy.

Globally known as a symbol of festivity and luxurious indulgence, Danisa Butter Cookies continues to delight an international fan base, establishing it as one of the world's most sought-after treats. The richness of the butter, the gentle vanilla flavor, and perfectly balanced sweetness is just right to please people all over the world.

Those are 5 traditional housewarming gifts and the meaning behind them. Whatever the gift is, be sure to add a positive sentiment to not only add some personal touch but also to let the recipient know the meaning behind the gift.