7 Best Museum in Denmark to Visit & Understands the Culture

Dec 3rd 2021

Almost every major city in Denmark is full of beautiful museums to satisfy those interested in cultural exploration. Therefore, visiting these museums leads to the rich cultural and historical materials that shaped modern Denmark.

Check out the list of the best museum in Denmark below!

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

As one of the best museum in Denmark, Louisiana can be the highlight of your visit to Copenhagen. The permanent collection consists of more than 4,000 works created since 1945, focusing on painting and sculpture. In particular, Louisiana has an impressive array of works by Picasso, Jacometti, Danish masters Per Kirkeby, and Asger Jorn. The place is just as attractive. The museum on the north coast of Copenhagen offers photo-worthy views of the Øresund towards Sweden. An unforgettable sculpture park with works by Alexander Calder and Richard Serra.

National Museum of Copenhagen

41 From the 1st century to the present, with a rich collection of Danish and European works, the Danish National Museum continues to be the city's most significant cultural attraction. It's virtually impossible to see everything in one day, so choose carefully. Highlights include the beautifully illuminated landscape of the Skagen School and the soothing 19th-century Copenhagen interior of Wilhelm Hammershöy. Keep an eye out for SMK Friday, when the museum opens in the evening and offers free admission for visitors, drinks, street food, and live music.

Thorvaldsens Museum

As one of the best museum in Denmark, Thorvaldsens Museum is dedicated to the work of the internationally recognized neoclassical sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (17701844) and is like a hidden gem. Close to the Danish Parliament, in the style of opening four years after the death of the Thorvaldsens Museum, the museum is especially popular with Instagram fans who enjoy the colorful walls and mosaics and the marble and plaster sculptures of the marble and plaster sculptures the Thorvaldsens Museum.

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Glyptotek was founded in 1888 by brewery tycoon Carl Jacobsen to provide a public home for his private art series of French Impressionist works. Another highlight as one of the best museum in Denmark is the museum's glass-enclosed winter garden, which is full of statues, palm trees, and fountains. Admission is free on Tuesdays.


Impressive architecture and design reward visitors to this magnificent museum in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen. The beautiful French and Danish art collection spans three very different (but equally eye-catching) rooms, a 19th-century mansion. In addition, the architect and designer Finjour's house is open to the public, And worth the admission-and an art park with significant works by Carsten Höller and Olafur Eliasson.

Medical Museion

Located in an 18th-century building that was once the Royal Academy of Surgeons, this fascinating little museum houses one of Europe's richest collections of medical crafts. Some exhibits aren't meant to be squeaky (note the preservative-treated body parts for scientific analysis over a century ago), but there's a lot of fun here. This best museum in Denmark includes a late 18th-century anatomy class and an award-winning permanent exhibition exploring the complex relationship between the mind and intestines.


Discover Denmark's history from prehistoric times to the present at the largest museum in Denmark. Both the Inuit and Viking exhibits are fascinating. Still, prehistoric highlights include the impressive Bronze Age relics of the Trondheim Sun Chariot discovered by farmers in 1902 and preserved in swamps. In addition, there is a so-called Egtved Girl tomb containing a dead body. 3,500 buried women.

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