7 Best Things to Do in Copenhagen during Autumn

Dec 3rd 2021

Copenhagen is a great place to visit at any time of the year. Still, nothing matches the quaint comfort offered in the autumn when the air is fresh and cool, and the leaves turn bright red and orange. As the most populous city in the Danish capital, Copenhagen is the cultural and entertainment center of the country.

Rain can undermine some outdoor activities, but plenty of events and activities are worth considering when traveling to Copenhagen this autumn. From culture night to the best museums in the area, everyone will find something to add to their itinerary!

Exploring the Castle and Museum

One of the best things to do in Copenhagen on an autumn day is to visit Frederiksborg Castle, where people can experience Danish culture, art, and nature simultaneously. In the exact location, there’s another famous Danish museum, the Natural History Museum, where people can progressively see Denmark's history.

Explore the Forest

Near Vejle Fjord and Juelsminde, there’s one of Denmark's most beautiful forests. The natural forests of the hills are home to East Yutland's most dramatic coast, with its high slopes to Stenhoi Beach. There are beautiful views from exciting hiking trails, historic sights, and good opportunities to observe wildlife.

Experience Kulturnatten in Copenhagen

Another best thing to do in Copenhagen in autumn is to participate in the world-famous Kulturnatten Festival, known locally as the Danish Cultural Night. The annual festival is open to the public by approximately 250 arts and cultural organizations and institutions. This festival is open to visitors at midnight (from 5pm) and overnight (until 5am). The festival usually takes place in autumn. Transportation and access to the site are also included in the Culture Pass.

Experience the Famous Danish Hygge

People said that autumn is the best time to experience the famous Danish hygge culture. It's a way to foster intimate and genuine connections with both loved ones and strangers. In addition to doing this in the park and other comfortable environments, locals and visitors can experience hygge in a cocktail bar like Oak Room. Located in the heart of Norrebro, the Oak Room is a woody interior offering a cozy atmosphere and a new cocktail menu, including autumn drinks.

Watch Lomo's Kite Festival

One of our best-preserved secrets is the La Cork Beach Kite Festival on the small island of Lomo on the southwest coast of the Jutland Peninsula. It's one of the best things to do in Copenhagen in autumn because of a truly spectacular show when thousands of kites of all sizes and colors soar into the air. It's effortless but fantastic and imaginative.

Mystery Tour

Many Danes and more and more tourists around the world are looking for intellectually exciting entertainment and activities. It was the mission of a mystery maker to provide over 8,000 mystery tours or escape rooms in different countries. It also offers a variety of fun options of the best things to do in Copenhagen in autumn. Visitors can participate in treasure hunts around the city and navigate the puzzle room. Taking a tour is one of the best activities to go to in the fall of Copenhagen.

Try Local Danish Food

In general, Danish cuisine comes in small portions and is freshly sourced from seasonal local ingredients. Fresh fish and Danish bread provide hearty and healthy staples to this cuisine. Still, they also know how to create luxurious sweet treats like Brysslkex or butter cookies. One of the famous butter cookies is Danisa Butter Cookies.

Made with an authentic butter cookie recipe passed down through generations of Denmark’s master bakers, Danisa Butter Cookies continues to delight an international fan base, establishing it as one of the world's most sought-after treats. The richness of the butter, the gentle vanilla flavor, and perfectly balanced sweetness are just right to please people all over the world.