A Guide to Photo Hunting in Denmark

Aug 23rd 2021

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is a city world-renowned for design. A great mix of culture and dramatic scenery, Denmark perfectly combines bustling cosmopolitan cities with breathtaking landscapes and charming small towns. It’s consistently ranked as the happiest place, which is likely because coziness (hygge) is a top priority. It's easy to get inspired with this guide for a photo hunting in Denmark:

Do’s and Don’ts of Shooting Candid Street Photography

Danish people are known as very private people. They can be introverted and reserved—it’s important to treat them with discretion. There is a long tradition for candid photojournalists in Denmark, so it’s definitely possible if a photographer connects with the people, and always thinks this way: How would people find it comfortable to have their picture taken by a stranger?

Famous Landmarks to Get Photo Hunting in Denmark

All of the normal tourist magnets are actually very good—Nyhavn, Tivoli Gardens, Amalienborg Castle, and Rundetårn. However, some of the favorite spots are less exposed to tourists like Glyptoteket, Thorvaldsens Museum, Grundtvigs Kirke (a church), Arne Jacobsen Petrol Station and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The last three are an hour outside Copenhagen and all connected to the city by public transportation.

Areas to Explore During Photo Hunting in Denmark

There’s a place called Nørrebro or also known as Mini Berlin in Copenhagen. Cheaper rents allow space for a more diverse population of younger people, ethnic minorities, families, and quirky shops and cafes. Tourists can grab a cup of coffee and stroll by the lakes, have lunch at Blågårds Plads, shop in Møllegade and Ravnsborggade, and finish the day with dinner and drinks in either Ravnsborggade or Guldbergsgade. Along the way, there will be part of the Copenhagen residents’ daily life, so don’t forget to snap pictures of everything this area offers.

Prepare For Any Weather

The weather in Denmark changes a lot. Sunny one minute, pouring rain the next, so bring gear for all weather conditions. It should be lightweight stuff that is easy to carry around during photo hunting in Denmark. Also, Copenhagen is quite expensive, eating out is perhaps at the same level as London if not more expensive. But, never skipped to bring Brysslkex or butter cookies for the loved ones!

One of the most famous butter cookies brands with a premium flavour is Danisa Butter Cookies. Originated from the traditional treats enjoyed by European nobility and made with an authentic Danish recipe, Danisa Butter Cookies has been producing its world-famous biscuits for decades. Globally known as a symbol of festivity and luxurious indulgence, Danisa continues to delight an international fan base, establishing it as one of the world's most sought-after treats. The richness of the butter, the gentle vanilla flavor, and perfectly balanced sweetness is just right to please people all over the world.

It’s always fascinating to learn a little something about Denmark. So, feel free to take some inspiration from the guide for a photo hunting in Denmark above!