Fun Ways to Celebrate China’s Valentine Day

Aug 23rd 2021

Falling on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, the Double Seventh Festival, also known as Qixi Festival, is Valentine's Day to China. One of the Chinese folk legends about love, the legend of Niu Lang and Zhi Nu, features the Double Seventh Festival.

The most prevalent custom to celebrate China’s valentine is that of girls praying to Zhi Nu to be blessed with skillful hands for sewing, because Zhi Nu is regarded as a beautiful woman deft at weaving. In the countryside, people usually see the meeting of Niu Lang and Zhi Nu as two stars in the sky. At the same time, the old people tell the young ones about this old love legend. Although most of its traditional customs are disappearing, now people celebrate "Chinese Valentine's Day" in new ways. Here are several ways to celebrate the D at home!

Romantic Dinner

The Double Seventh Festival is not a public holiday in China; people usually still work during the festival, unless it falls on a weekend. People usually go to have a romantic dinner with their dates after work. Unmarried lovers prefer to celebrate China’s valentine day with a romantic dinner for two, while married couples usually enjoy a dinner with their family at home. No matter where the dinner venue is, red candles, roses, and wine should be included to add a romantic atmosphere.

Have a Fireworks Show

There’s something magical about fireworks that brings back pleasant memories. Head up to the rooftop with the loved ones and watch the fireworks together. There's no grander way to celebrate China’s Valentine day than watching explosions of color light up the sky

Watch Romantic Movies

Many romantic movies are released in cinemas during this day and offer special seats for lovers of Double Seventh day, but there are many ways to enjoy this activity even if it's just at home. It’s a lot more special and intimate having a private movie night in with the one we love. Make sure to have some soft, furry throws for snuggling during the movie. Some romantic movies to watch are The Notebook, Serendipity, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, or The Lake House. Don’t forget some romantic snacks to nibble on during the flicks like strawberries dipped in chocolate, chocolate fondue, and hot chocolate.

Gift Giving

Just like the tradition of the western for celebrating Valentine's Day, gift giving is the most popular way to celebrate China’s valentine day. Lovers usually exchange gifts to express their affections, like flowers, jewelry, or a box of sweet treats, like Danisa Butter Cookies. Danisa is always considered as a luxurious and premium gift to express love. Made with an authentic Danish recipe using the finest quality ingredients for premium , Danisa Butter Cookies is a deliciously classic and timeless treat. Delighting consumers around the globe with its buttery aroma, golden color, and delicious taste, Danisa Butter Cookies is a perfect gift for any occasion.

Above all else, enjoy every minute of it. The point of the Double Seventh Festival is to celebrate love and togetherness. There are plenty of ways to express love, get inspired by these activities and let's make the most of it!