[:en]Exploring the Best Park in Copenhagen during Vacation[:]

Sep 27th 2021

[:en]Danes are the happiest people on earth, especially when the sun is shining during autumn. Everyone would go outside and enjoy a little warmth from the sun.

Luckily, gardens and parks are scattered all over Copenhagen, so people are never really far from a green oasis. These best parks in Copenhagen are the perfect spots to relax, sunbathe, go for a stroll, or have a picnic in Copenhagen!

Frederiksberg Gardens

As one of the best parks in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg Gardens offer several unique places, from the beautiful yellow castle standing royally on top of a hill to the spot where you can greet the elephants at the zoo, the lake, and the Chinese pavilion. The garden is grand and beautiful. It includes a hidden area: the Haveselskabets. Instead of walking through the main entrance, visitors can take access to the left. This will lead them to Haveselskabets Have. The garden is quieter, full of flowers, and makes people feel as though they are far away from the busy, bustling city.

The King’s Garden

An absolute must and a sure winner! The garden was landscaped in 1606. As the name suggests, it was the garden of King Christian IV, known for establishing many famous landmarks throughout the city such as Christianshavn, Rundetårn (the Round Tower), and Børsen (the Stock Exchange).

The King’s Garden is the home of Rosenborg Castle. This best park in Copenhagen is still kept in its original Baroque style: perfectly mowed lawns, symmetrical avenues with trees and flowers planted at a perfect, proportional distance from each other. Simply a must-see when in Copenhagen!

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is situated on the edge of Valby park. It is a public area containing a huge and dazzling array of roses in all their forms. The circular flower beds include trees, hybrids, and wild roses. There is a children's playground here, making it an ideal place for families to visit. There are good parking facilities. It is a popular spot for dog walking and is known as one of the best parks in Copenhagen. In Valby Park there is also a cafe for those who have not brought their refreshments.

Botanical Gardens

Copenhagen Botanical Garden is a tranquil space tucked alongside the always-bustling commuter hub of Nørreport. The 10-hectare garden is Denmark's most extensive collection of living plants, with 10,000 species of plants and trees.

The Botanical Garden features walking trails, a lake (try to spot the turtles), and several greenhouses with tropical and exotic species. During the summer, the Butterfly House lets visitors observe and experience living butterflies up close.

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