5 Best Ideas to Celebrate the Double Ninth Festival in China

Oct 25th 2021

In the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, falls The Double Ninth Festival (also known as the Chongyang Festival). "Chong" means "double" in Chinese characters, so it is called the Chongyang Festival. In ancient times, people believed that it was worth celebrating twice on the ninth day.

Since folk people had the tradition of climbing a mountain on this day, the double ninth festival is also known as the festival of high-altitude ascension. The Double Ninth Festival also has other names, such as the Chrysanthemum Festival. Since "double ninth" is pronounced in the same way as the word for "forever," the ancestors are also revered today. To celebrate the Double Ninth Festival, people hold many activities, here's some of them:

Mountain Climbing

People believed that by climbing to high places to celebrate the Double Ninth Festival, diseases could be prevented as in its legend so that it is also known as the Height Ascending Festival. Today, it is a golden time to share happiness and enjoy the beautiful scenery with friends and relatives.

Inserting Zhuyu and Stick Chrysanthemum

Inserting Zhuyu on the Double Ninth Festival became very popular During the Tang Dynasty. The legend said that inserting Zhuyu would help to avoid disasters. At this moment, women would stick chrysanthemum in their hair or hang branches on windows and doors to ward off evil.

Eating Chongyang Cakes

People usually eat chongyang cakes to celebrate the Double Ninth Festival. The Chongyang cake is a cake with many layers and is shaped like a tower. In Chinese characters, the pronunciation of the cake is "gao," which is similar to the word for "high." This is a slight pun that makes people feel like eating cake is a good substitute instead of climbing a mountain.

Drinking Chrysanthemum Wine

Chrysanthemum became popular during the Song Dynasty because of its antioxidant properties, many people also believe that it can drive evil away. People often think that by drinking chrysanthemum wine to celebrate the Double Ninth Festival, all kinds of diseases and disasters can be cured.

Gift-giving for Elderly

As nine is pronounced “Jiu”, meaning long in Chinese, people endow the word jiu with the meaning of longevity within a person's life. In the year of 1989, the Double Ninth Festival was designated as the Senior’s Festival for young people to show their respects to elderly. It's a great opportunity to visit the elderly relatives and give them a beautiful pack of high-quality cookies to show love and appreciation, like Danisa Butter Cookies.

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