Fun Spring Indoor Activities to Do With the Family

Apr 23rd 2020

When the leaves are unfurling and the flowers are blooming, it’s finally spring! Having plans in place during this time will ensure a stress-free, fun, and memorable time with the family. From fun games to play to coloring with the kiddos, here's a list of spring indoor activities guaranteed to release pent up energy and keep the family entertained all day!

Build a Fort in The Living Room

Sometimes it’s so easy for kids to get bored inside the house because they know its limitations. How about giving them alternative worlds to play in? For parents, making forts indoors may seem little more than a mess to clean up later. But for kids, it's a magical world where they can play games and use their imaginations to become princesses, knights, animals, monsters, or just about anything else they can envision.

Go old school with a fort made of pillows and blankets or a cardboard box. Don’t forget to stock the fort with flashlights, cushions and snacks. Add more fun by using a nerf gun or two to make an epic battle. The kids will love it!

Plan a Treasure Hunt

Fun games and a little competition are great ways to keep kids occupied while engaging the family. Hide a bunch of things around the house and make a list of clues for kids to solve. Feel the excitement of watching the kids transform into detectives and have great quality time with the family through fantastic adventures at home!

Cook Together

Measure one cup of water, stir the pancake mix, roll out the dough… All of these cooking tasks will help kids to boost their confidence or even practice some motor skills. Kids are natural kitchen helpers, they like the simple tasks of thinking about what to serve, and then cooking and serving food to the family, just like a game! Helping with chores in the kitchen is another way they can be part of the family and encourage them to make healthier choices.

Host a Family Movie Night

There’s something about movie nights that make family time extra memorable because it creates opportunities for the family to bond and improve relationships. To make the idea of family movie night extra special, pick a theme. Get everyone excited by creating a theme for every movie night. For example, if little ones are in the mood for Harry Potter, bring some black robes and the magic wand toy to make them feel like a real wizard.

Don’t forget to serve a steaming hot pot of the family's favorite tea and a couple of treats for movie night. Nothing is quite as comforting as being all warm and bundled up inside with a nice cup of hot tea – and a tin of famous butter cookies too! Made with an authentic Danish Recipe, Danisa Butter Cookies is a delicious treat to complete quality time with the family. Danisa Butter Cookies has a nice golden baked color matched with buttery aroma and taste that melts in the mouth, making it a perfect companion for every moment. Buttery and flavourful, Danisa Butter Cookies are absolutely delicious, made with high standards and unparalleled craftsmanship, every single tin of these famous butter cookies is an absolute delicacy.

Taking advantage of spring with the family doesn’t have to come with a price tag. So, try and take advantage of the new opportunity that awaits! There are plenty of ways to stay indoors and have fun with the family this spring