How to Celebrate an Anniversary in Denmark

Apr 24th 2020

Denmark is often placed among the world's happiest and most prosperous countries. Denmark is blessed with the smiling faces of satisfied residents, a rich culture, beautiful attractions, good food, and several unique traditions — an anniversary celebration is no exception. The Danes celebrate their wedding anniversary after 12.5 years (copper), 25 years (silver), and 50 years (gold). The golden wedding anniversary used to be the main celebration, but for people on their second marriage, the copper wedding anniversary celebration is fast taking over as the bigger celebration. Let's discover the traditions that make the Danish anniversary celebration so unique!

The Arch

The evening before the anniversary celebration, family, friends, or even neighbours will make an arch around the front door of their house (if it's a copper anniversary, then the arch will only go halfway). In the early morning of the anniversary celebration, the group will surprise the couple with a noisy, festive wake-up call, signaling the start of the day’s celebration.

The Breakfast

After the celebration in front of the house, the couple hosts a celebratory breakfast while guests honor them with personal speeches or songs. Usually, the couple will serve coffee, bread rolls, danish pastry, the Kransekage Stænger (almond stick) and most likely a couple of Old Danish Bitters.

The Party

At a Danish anniversary, there are speeches and singing involved, homemade songs are personalized to the couple of the day, and sometimes they contain stories about their lives. They can pay someone to make a song or just make the songs on their own. The melodies are always old and well known. The songs are handed out to the guests and everybody will sing along at the party.

The Gift

When it comes to picking a gift for Danish hosts, remember that disproportionately expensive gifts will only cause discomfort, a thoughtfully packed item will be better appreciated than something extravagant. For dinner parties or anniversary celebrations, a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates are appropriate but they have to be wrapped. Flowers are a popular option, and florists in Denmark are familiar enough with the tradition that they will typically offer to wrap bouquets meant as gifts.

Another common gift is a box of Brysslkex or butter cookies. Made with a traditional butter cookie recipe passed down through generations of Denmark’s master bakers, Danisa Butter Cookies is the perfect choice for gift-giving. Originated from the traditional treats enjoyed by European nobility, Danisa Butter Cookies has been producing its world-famous biscuits for decades. Globally known as a symbol of festivity and luxurious indulgence, Danisa continues to delight an international fan base, establishing it as one of the world's most sought-after treats. The richness of the butter, the golden baked cookies, and perfectly balanced sweetness is just right to please people all over the world.

It’s always fascinating to learn about the traditions from another country. So, take some inspiration from the above anniversary traditions and bring a little something special into the anniversary celebration for your own loved ones!