Here Are China’s Autumn Signature Dish That Worth to Try

Oct 25th 2021

Autumn is a very important traditional season in China. There are a couple of festivals held in the season. Food, of course, plays an essential role. So, what do Chinese people eat during autumn? Here are some of the signature dishes!

Osmanthus Cake

Osmanthus is in bloom around the Mid-Autumn Festival. Chinese people add these seasonal flowers into pastries to make China's autumn signature dish, the osmanthus cakes. It tastes sweet with a strong fragrance of osmanthus, containing nutrients such as gum, vitamins, protein, and calcium. People also make sliced lotus root with osmanthus sugar for the reunion dinner.


The duck is suitable for eating in dry autumn and hydrates the lungs and throat. And after more than half a year of growth, ducks are neither too fat nor too thin in the eighth lunar month, so they taste better in a year. There is a story about how ducks became China's signature autumn dish. At the end of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368 AD), the rulers harassed the people, secretly preparing to rebel. Finally, everyone agreed that eating ducks at the Mid-Autumn Festival was a sign to do something together. Later, the duck became the typical autumn dish of China, especially in Sichuan, Zhejiang, Fujian, and Taiwan. There are salted duck, roast duck, marinated duck, and more. It is suitable to eat in the dry autumn, having an effect of moistening lungs and throat.


Taros is China's autumn signature dish which is said to prevent bad luck and evil spirits. In the dialect of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, taro has a similar pronunciation with “good luck comes”. Besides, people in Chaoshan of Guangdong province peel and eat taros at the festival with a symbolic meaning of peeling the skin of ghosts to make them perish.


Mooncakes are probably the most famous fall dishes in China. They symbolize the moon and the family unit. The mid-autumn moon is full, and families with a moon cake in hand are harmonious, happy, and healthy. Freshly made mooncakes out perform store-bought in all competitions. Although mooncakes are always highly appreciated as the Moon Festival gifts, a slight twist will not hurt, like Danisa Butter Cookies. Danisa Butter Cookies is a perfect gift for any occasion and great to enjoy, especially during this delightful holiday with loved ones.


Pomelo is also one of China's autumn signature dish. This is because pomelo has the same pronunciation as “blessing” in Chinese, therefore, people eat pomelo at Mid-Autumn Festival to get the blessing of the moon. Ripe in autumn, it has a purgative effect to relax bowels and neutralize the greasy


Rich in dietary fibers and carotenes, pumpkins can lower blood sugar and blood fat, relax the bowels and moisturize the skin in the dry climate of autumn. It makes China's autumn signature dish richer and healthier rather than just greasy meat dishes. Eating pumpkin at Mid-Autumn Festival is especially popular in southern China.

Lotus Root

The lotus root is filled with auspicious symbolism in its name, shape, and texture. First, 莲藕 in the Chinese name means "union" (连, lián) and a "couple" (偶, ǒu). In terms of its shape, the lotus root grows in sections like bamboo, evoking new possibilities. In terms of texture, there are delicate strands of fiber, a bit like the texture of okra. These threads can be challenging to break, so they are inseparable. Regardless of puns and puns, we can't go wrong serving lotus root as China's autumn signature dish, especially this crunchy stuffed  version.

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