Simple Ways to Maintain a Long-distance Friendship

Nov 4th 2020

Transitioning from having used to seeing someone nearly every day to being in a long-distance friendship can be stressful, even if the reason for moving is good, like for college or a new job opportunity. This is because those special people will always be remembered, regardless if they move to a different city or across the world, and the feeling of missing them might be very difficult at times.

However, with new forms of technology, it is now easier to stay in touch. Furthermore, even research shows that utilizing certain forms of social media might help people feel less lonely and more connected to their loved ones who live far away. So, worry no more as there are still a lot of easy ways to maintain a long-distance friendship. Here are some of the examples of how to stay in touch with them!

Commit to Each Other

To maintain a long-distance friendship, always make time to pick up the phone, email, or text to keep up with each other. The frequency of contact varies from each friendship. However, it is important to remember the important occasions and recognize milestones such as their birthdays, anniversaries, or promotions, and even show them support through difficult times.

Study or Work Together

Those calls or video conferences are also good for encouraging each other to stay on daily tasks and maintain a long-distance friendship. Try to make one or two of those regularly-scheduled virtual study sessions over Skype. Great friendships will help us stay accountable to our goals, dreams, and ambitions.

Host an Online Get-Together

One of the ways to maintain a long-distance friendship is to sit and enjoy some sweet treats together—virtually. Don't worry, this digital get-together can be just as heartwarming and fun as an actual group gathering!

A couple of days before the online get together, send out some sweet treats for the invitees. Find a beautiful pack of premium butter cookies that is perfect for gift-giving, so everyone will have the same treats at the get-togethers.

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Give Each Other Little Surprise

Another way to maintain a long-distance friendship is to give them a little surprise about their favorite things every now and then. This is a cool way to let them know that they are still in our minds, even though they're far away. We might not be able to call them up and say, “Hey, let me take you to brunch this weekend!” but we can still show them it's all about care and love from afar.

While maintaining a long-distance friendship can be difficult, it can also present opportunities for growth. No matter what is currently happening, if the friendship is worth it, both ends will make the effort to stay in touch. Even more, hopefully, the distance will make everyone appreciate the time spent together.