The Danish Fashion Sense: How to Dress Like a True Danes

Nov 4th 2020

The Danes are considered as some of the happiest people in the world. This is due to the fact that they hold ‘hygge’ as one of their main ways of living. Hygge is when one feels content with the simplest things in life. The peace that comes from within causes them to cannot help but to always be in the moment and enjoy life.

But, hygge as a philosophy can also be applied to fashion. As a matter of fact, it is very influential to the Danish fashion sense. Whenever Danish people walk on the street, it is very easy to recognize the fashion sense. They dress in minimalist and casual attires that are very cozy, comfortable to wear, and highlights hygge as their way of living.

Interested to find out more? These are the tips to dress like a true Dane!

Go Minimal

For the most part, the Danish fashion sense tends towards minimalism in their clothes. To follow this tip, make sure to pair more structured fashion pieces that have casual elements to them. Some of the examples are a pair of tailored pants, comfy blazers, and shirts that complement each other. This look is perfect to wear every day!

Sustainability in Danish Fashion Sense

Though most Danish brands are considered trendy and fashionable, they also commit to uphold sustainable fashion. The core values of sustainability are shown in the way that they choose materials or fabrics to create fashion pieces. They tend to work towards zero-waste, so organic materials and timeless looks are easy to find in Danish fashion sense.

Casual Wears with Sneakers

The cycling culture is so deep-rooted in Denmark. Therefore, most Danes who bike will choose attires that make it easier to pedal and always be on the move. Pieces like a pair of tennis shoes, an open shirt on a tee, a relaxed pair of jeans, or a hooded parka represent this preference in clothing. They are practical and serve many purposes besides looking fashionable.

Knitwear and Layering

Danish style is all about layering, especially during the colder months. The Danes know how to mix formal and casual pieces, layering a refined wool coat over their casual gear. In the Danish fashion sense, there would not be any shapeless puffer jackets or thermal ski-pants within sight.

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