Tips and Decorating Ideas for an Elegant Outdoor Entertaining

May 24th 2021

Throwing an outdoor event isn't always as easy as it seems. When hosting an outdoor event, certain factors like unexpected wind or a sunny backyard without an inch of shade to hide in can quickly complicate things. For truly having an easy outdoor entertaining, go ahead and lean into the spirit of the season with easy ways to work with the elements, no-fuss table settings, and a simple menu that won't leave the host stranded in the kitchen while the guests mingle outside. Whether it's an afternoon tea party or a simple outdoor entertaining for family and friends, here are some tips that will make the outdoor entertaining memorable and much easier for the host!

Table Dress to Impress

If there's anything we can do for the lunch or dinner table at outdoor entertaining, it must be the great centerpiece. The table is the source of the atmosphere. For example, a colorful flower arrangement and a candle or two in the center will create a lighthearted mood and transmit that feeling to guests. Don’t forget to set the table a night before the event to avoid last minute scrambling!
Personalized Place Settings

Adding a personalized place card will surely upgrades any outdoor entertaining. Added a hand-written name to store-bought paper tags to make each guest feel special. If the party requires a seating chart, this will also help the host to lay out the place settings before guests arrive.

Put Together Summer Floral Arrangement

Flowers just make any occasion. They do not have to be complicated to be beautiful! Grab a few bunches of summer season flowers from the local grocer and create a simple arrangement to brighten the outdoor area.

Have a Hearty Meals

Dishes are all about comfort. They’re meant to be enjoyed in the warmth of home. For example, set up a snacking table with breads, fruits, and meats surrounding a pot of melted cheese. Feeling a little intimidated by making this menu? Don't worry! From finger food to crowd-pleasing mains, there's many other food options to serve throughout the new year celebration.

One traditional treat that's a must-try is Denmark’s well-loved traditional Danisa Butter Cookies. Made with an authentic Danish recipe, the buttery taste and the crisp texture of Danisa Butter Cookies pairs perfectly with a cup of tea, making it a perfect companion for an elegant outdoor entertaining moment with the friends and family.

Designate a Drink Station

As friends and family gather after the meal to chat, be sure to offer a number of drink options. For instance, prepare a coffee station in the corner of the yard, complete with mugs, creamer, sugar, and spoons, is a lovely way to continue a morning of lively chatter. On the other side, consider filling drink dispensers with ice water—adding fruit slices or bits of cucumber for a fresh twist.

Above all else, enjoy every minute of it. The whole point of having outdoor entertaining is to celebrate and enjoy the company of loved ones. They will feel more encouraged to have a good time if they see the hosts are having fun, too!