Tips to Prepare a Fun Family Summer Picnic

May 24th 2021

Summer has arrived and that means it is picnic season. Who doesn’t love a summer picnic in the park? Imagine playing and eating outside with a cool breeze and the birds chirping is so calming. Those picnic baskets that are stored in the kitchen are ready to be packed up at a moments notice.
But, the reality is that sometimes summer picnic don’t go according to plan. There might be something forgotten, foods might be warm and melted, or the park might be swarming with people. However, with a little preparation and planning a summer picnic can be an awesome outing for families. Make the summer picnic for family picnics easy and stress free with these tips:

Set the Location

It is truly possible to do the summer picnic anywhere. Spontaneous picnics can be a blast, however, when planning to do a summer picnic with a group of young kids, some advanced planning is needed. Does the destination park have a play structure? Is there a wading pool or splash pad? What about a washroom? Those things are fairly important for kids (and adults). So, choose the location wisely.

Toys and Games to Entertain the Kids

Once the location is selected, it’s time to prepare some fun! Take advantage of all the awesome parks in the picnic area. Be sure to bring a few toys and games to entertain the kids too, like sport balls, skipping rope, sidewalk chalk, blank paper, crayons, or bubbles for blowing. The outdoor play options are truly endless!

Accessible Snacks

A key part of a summer picnic is the food…so what to eat? Start off by packing plenty of water. Keeping the kids and family hydrated as they run around in the sun all day, is important. Next, make sure to pack food that everyone will enjoy on summer picnic—and keep it accessible. Thankfully, there are so many of easy-to-pack options for on-the-go snacks. For example, Danisa Butter Cookies. Made with an authentic Danish Recipe, Danisa Butter Cookies is a delicious snack to complete this delightful moment for the family with its irresistibly buttery taste that comes from high-quality butter and other finest ingredients baked to crisp and rich perfection.

Embrace the Unexpected

In the end, a summer picnic is all about creating lasting memories. It doesn't always go as planned, expect that and be okay with it. It’s great to have a plan, but knowing that it will be okay if it doesn’t and when it doesn’t, don’t allow that to ruin the whole trip.

Either way, planning is key, and preparing each family member for things that might not even happen will help to ensure the family summer picnic is as stress-free as possible!