Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Menu at Home

Nov 5th 2020

Thanksgiving day is always wonderful. But, inviting loved ones over for a big turkey dinner may seem like a stressful challenge and cause us to lose sight of what is actually important: family, warmth, and gratitude. However, there is no need to worry because, with a little preparation, you can have yourself a perfectly stress-free Thanksgiving Day!

Plan the Menu

Starting everything in advance is the best way to reduce stress on preparing the Thanksgiving menu. Two weeks before the big day, figure out how many people are coming, create a grocery shopping list and make a very detailed cooking schedule so that managing everything on Thanksgiving day becomes much easier. While at it, do not forget to ask the guests about any dietary requirements and preferences beforehand. Make sure to have food options so guests with special food needs do not feel left out.

Check Out the Cooking Equipment or Serving Pieces

A week before cooking the Thanksgiving menu, prepare every serving piece. Make sure there are enough ladles, spoons, platters, and bowls to get all the food on the table to serve the guests. Make a list on what Thanksgiving menu is going to go on which plate, so when the time comes to cook and serve all the food on the table, guests will not have to spend so much time thinking about it again.

Ask for Help with the Preparation

Don't be afraid to ask for some help with the Thanksgiving menu preparation in the kitchen on the big day. Give some small tasks to family members or friends, like pouring glasses of ice tea and smashing the potatoes. However, when asking for their assistance in doing a more difficult task (like carving the turkey), let the family member or friend know ahead of time.

Prepare Some Dish Ahead

To have a great Thanksgiving day, make sure that the food is ready beforehand. This means arranging all the ingredients that need to be prepared and cooking some meals on the day before the event, like salad dressing and other vegetables already chopped and assembled in small bowls to save time.

As for the snacks, there are many options to serve on Thanksgiving day. However, one of the most traditional treats that is also a must-try is Denmark’s well-loved traditional Danisa Butter Cookies. The buttery taste and the crisp texture pairs perfectly with a cup of tea, making it a perfect companion for every special moment with the family and friends!

Plan for Leftovers

Leftovers on Thanksgiving Day are half of the fun! Whether to keep them for ourselves or make enough for the guests, good preparation is still needed. If the leftovers are for the guests, try to purchase some inexpensive containers. However, if this is not possible, ask the guests to bring their own.

The final tip is something easier said than done—try to remember that Thanksgiving is not only about the food. It is about being with loved ones and giving thanks for all the wonderful things in life. No one is going to care or notice if the chicken stock is not homemade. So, try to not put so much pressure on the preparation, because in the end, the most important thing is to spend time with our friends and family. So, take a deep breath and remember the good going on around us!