5 Unforgettable Farewell Gift for Coworkers

Oct 25th 2021

Finding farewell gifts for coworkers is the perfect way to say thank you and goodbye. Let's get a thoughtful and meaningful parting gift for them to wish the best of luck. Looking for ideas on what to call for a co-worker leaving for another company? Check out the list of farewell gifts for coworkers below!

A ‘Thank You’ Candle

Candles are wonderful farewell gifts for coworkers. Especially when it’s a candle that carries the message or wishes to its recipient. It’s a perfect way for showing appreciation for the parting colleague. Find a candle that comes with a good smell, so when it’s lit, the candle gives off the aroma, just the perfect kind of scents that will help them to relax and wind down.

A Resignation Mug

Coffee mugs are one of the best farewell gifts for coworkers. For one, it is super practical. Also, they’re environmentally friendly because we can easily up-cycle them by using them as a pot or as a pencil holder. So mugs are awesome in general, this mug that we’re showing below has something more. The coworkers surely will be enjoying their holiday called resignation even more as they sip their morning coffee out of a lovely mug.

Photo Frame

The photo frame is a mighty and sentimental gift for coworkers. For this idea, all we need is to buy a photo frame. There are many photo frames, such as a conventional frame or a more high-tech digital frame. Then, collect and curate the team members' photos and select the best photos that highlight the time the whole team spends together. After that, print them out and put them in the photo frame.

Farewell Card

Sometimes the best farewell gift for coworkers is the one that is the easiest. How about getting them a farewell card? We can buy one online or at the local store or, put it some sentimental value with making a DIY farewell card. Pass the card around for everyone to sign and write their wishes for the departing colleague. The wishes and signatures make the card truly unique — it’s the only one in the world — the sentimental value of this is off the chart.

A Box of Butter Cookies

A box of sweet treats can never go wrong! Find a beautiful pack of high-quality cookies that is perfect to show love and appreciation, like Danisa Butter Cookies. Made with an authentic Danish recipe that is passed down through generations of master bakers, Danisa Butter Cookies is the perfect choice for gift-giving. Small but flavourful, Danisa Butter Cookies are absolutely delicious, made with passion to perfection and unparalleled craftsmanship, every single tin of these famous butter cookies is an absolute delicacy.

There are lots of choices when it comes to unforgettable farewell gifts for coworkers, and these don’t even make up for all of them. Whatever the choice of gift is, as long as the intention is to make loved ones know how meaningful they are, almost anything will suffice!