Best Places to Find Fall Color in Copenhagen

Oct 25th 2021

Autumn travel is already on the horizon! The loss of trees' photosynthesis and chlorophyll as winter approaches is our eyes' and cameras' gain, with landscapes dramatically transformed by the turning of their leaves. As Denmark's capital and most populous city, Copenhagen serves as the epicenter of culture and entertainment. Each fall, as the crowds leave, the lines at area attractions are at their shortest, and people can take the time to enjoy attractions and museums. Here are some of the best places to find fall color in Copenhagen, Denmark:

Hareskoven Forest

The first best place to find fall color in Copenhagen is Hareskoven, which skirts the northwestern fringes of Copenhagen, is the closest place to the capital with a decent stretch of beech forest, which turns satisfyingly golden in the autumn. You can easily find scattered oak, linden, and maple trees, with exquisite examples of the former, like 'The Tailor' or Skrædderen.

Rold forest near Aalborg

Rold forest near Aalborg in the north of Jutland is Denmark's second-largest forest. It's known mainly for the Troldeskoven, or magic forest, filled with gnarled beeches, many of which are as much as 300 years old, close to the maximum age for a beech tree.

The 'old-growth forest' or Kyø Skov has 300-year-old trees protected because they once belonged to the Kyø manor house southwest of Sebbersund. Other places worth a visit are the Store Økssø lake and the Hvass Sø lake.

The Deer Park

Want to enjoy a peaceful walk in beautiful surroundings and fill the lungs with the fresh, Nordic air? Dyrehaven is one of the best places to find fall color in Copenhagen. Dyrehaven, which means "the deer park", is a natural resort filled with lush forests, small lakes, and wide, open landscapes. As the name might reveal, Dyrehaven is renowned for the more than 2000 free-range deer that inhabit the park, and we’ll surely come across a herd of grazing deer on our way through.

The Lakes

Ride or stroll along the lakes, and we are sure to be treated to a fabulous leafy fall color show. Soon the paths will be littered with horse chestnuts or conkers. Similar to buckeyes in the States, the seeds of the horse chestnut trees are inedible but fun for kids to collect. Stop and sit on one of the iconic Copenhagen benches that line the lakes and watch as swans swim. When sunny, it is serene. And can be quite the scene with locals out for a run or cycle or just a walk with their peeps.

Store Dyrehave

Store Dyrehave, meaning literally 'large animal park,' was enclosed by stone walls in 1619–28 as a royal deer park for hunting and now comprises 1,230 of a forest, mainly beech with some oak. It's just south of the North Zealand town of Hillerød and takes less than an hour to get to by public transport from Copenhagen. The park is popular with mountain bikers and joggers and has a series of marked-out routes, making it easy to get around and one of the best places to find fall color in Copenhagen. The geometrical road system laid down by King Christian V for hunting is still in place.

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